Group Show “Make It Work” at Studio Gallery

One of my tiny paintings has been selected for the group show “Make It Work” at Studio Gallery.

Studio Gallery
1641 Pacific Avenue (between Polk & Van Ness)
San Francisco, CA 94109 415-931-3130
Gallery hours: Mon,Thu+Fri 11-7, Sat+Sun 11-6, Tue+Wed by appointment

Opening reception: Sunday, May 17th, 1-6 pm

"Orange Forklift" Acrylic on Panel, 6 x 6inches, 2014

“Orange Forklift” Acrylic on Panel, 6 x 6inches, 2014

A shovel, a knife, paint brushes…a machine shop, your studio, the office…what does the topic of work bring to mind? Is it a place, a tool, or even how you get there? That’s the challenge we posed to our artists: show us art inspired by work, tools and machines. We’re both both surprised and delighted by the art that came in response. The show includes terrific still lifes of hammers and wrenches, books and typewriters, brushes and paint. Location shots range from the kitchen to a museum, an auto repair shop to a library. There are of course pieces with a strong local bent–Pier 70, the dismantling of the old Bay Bridge, and even Madison Bumgarner at work. It’s a far-reaching show with a lot of beautiful pieces; let us know if you think we should add it to our annual rotation.